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The World’s Most Powerful Free Schematic and PCB Layout Tool

DesignSpark PCB is the most powerful and easy to use free PCB Design tool available, and gives all design engineers access to powerful, professional-standard software at no cost. Modern and intuitive, DesignSpark PCB is easy to learn and easy to use. Free from practical design limitations on board area, layers and pin counts, DesignSpark PCB generates industry standard gerber files.

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Where to get DesignSpark PCB

1. Go to

2. Download the installation file

3. Install the software

4. Run the DesignSpark PCB application from the desktop icon or the start menu

5. Configure updates as preferred

6. Activate your software by following the instructions in the Activation box

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  1. Where can I get DesignSpark PCB?
    DesignSpark PCB is only available for download from
  2. How much does DesignSpark PCB cost?
    DesignSpark PCB is free to download, but won't place limits on your designs (see next question)
  3. What are the limitations on designs and output file types?
    DesignSpark PCB is fully featured and without intentional limitations on board size, pin counts, layers or file output. Gerber files are generated, designers can decide where they wish to have their boards manufactured.
  4. Where can I learn more about DesignSpark PCB? is the home of DesignSpark PCB. Tutorials, examples, FAQ's and more can all be found at
  5. Can I make suggestions for new features?
    Your feedback is most welcome, please submit any suggestions using the "new suggestion/question" link above